Sue Wenger

Residential - Broker Associate

Photo of Sue Wenger
Direct: 316.204.6648
Office: 316.788.5581
Sue Wenger moved to Mulvane in 1978 with her husband Mike and daughter Susan. They purchased an older home on Main Street and, with the help of Mike’s dad, fixed it up while they were living in it. Then they decided that it was time to move. Since neither of them knew anything at all about selling a house, Sue signed up for a real estate class (for information purposes only) not realizing that the course came with an exam and from passing that exam, a real estate license could be bestowed upon the student. She passed….and the rest is history! She began her part-time career in 1979 with Charles Realty, Inc. and pretty soon realized that she just couldn’t do real estate “part-time”. Taking care of buyers and sellers was a full time job and it remains so to this very day. Things...
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